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Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

If you’re struggling with acne, you know there are as many questions as there are opinions on how to clear your skin. One of the most common questions that I get asked about is “does drinking water help acne?”.

There is no doubt that there is a correlation between drinking water and acne. While opinions vary about the exact reason why, most experts in skin care agree water can benefit acne sufferers and help heal acneic skin.

Why Is Drinking Water Important in Treating Acne?

A large percentage of the human body is made up of water which is essential to keeping our bodies hydrated and fully functional. Without proper hydration, people become weak, dehydrated and, in extreme circumstances, can even die. Water nourishes our organs and skin and helps flush our bodies of excess toxins. Drinking water may help increase the efficiency of the body’s ability to flush toxins which can result in clearer skin.

Acne breakouts and irritations can often occur when your skin becomes excessively dry. Many acne medications are designed to clear up break outs with salicylic acids, benzoyl peroxide and other acne medications that can cause tight, dry, red and irritated skin as part of the clearing process.

Drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water each day will help keep your skin hydrated and can counteract the drying effects of medications and topical treatments so your skin looks plump, fresh and healthy as your breakouts begin to clear and subside.

But what if I don’t like plain water?

Yes, I know, drinking plain water can be boring for some people but there are some things you can do to make it more exciting. In most cases, the promise of clear skin free from unwanted acne is enough to get even the most reluctant water drinker to partake, but if you still find it a problem here are some ideas you may want to try.image76

  • Add a twist of lemon or lime to freshen up the taste.
  • Add a few slices of cucumber for a refreshing drink and some relaxing aromatherapy.
  • Add honey to warm water for a soothing throat tonic as a bonus to getting the water you need.
  • Drink decaffeinated tea. Brewing and drinking a cup of decaffeinated green, black or white tea a few times daily will give you hydration as well as a terrific dose of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you so you are not tempted by soft drinks of caffeinated drinks during the day. People often find once they increase their water consumption, their energy increases as their need for caffeine decreases.

Make sure you get enough..

One of the most important factors to hydrating your body is making sure you’re consuming enough water each day. The problem is that most people are so busy with all that is happening in their lives that they don’t remember how much they have had.

A good trick to fix this problem is to fill a 1/2 gallon (approx 2 liter) container with water and gradually drink it throughout the day. How much is left in the container at the end of the day clearly shows you how much water you have actually consumed for that day.

Keeping your body well hydrated will help ensure your body has everything it needs to function properly and gives you a vibrant, healthy glow. No matter what type of medications or topical treatments you are using to treat your acne, incorporating water into your acne treatment routine will help you get the clear skin you want.

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  1. James
    44 mos, 1 wk ago

    Drinking water treats a lot of things in your body naturally. It has helped me get rid of headaches and it definitely helps with the dry elbows etc. water cleanse the toxins out of your body before they have a chance to find other ways of leaving your body such as pimples.

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